Neiz.vesten is an international artist and professional tattooist, and one of the founders of the neosymbolism subgenre. He connects the past and future to the present with the help of new symbols, ancient ways of tattooing, neural networks, NFTs, sculptures, and canvases. His name in Russian – неизвестен – translates to ‘unknown artist’.

Neiz draws inspiration from sounds, colors, emotions, physiology, psychology, science, mythology, mysticism, and more to create unique symbols that transcend time and place. His work is reminiscent of Wassily Kandinsky and Johannesburg Itten, but Neiz gives his own alternative application and vision.

Neiz has been developing his alternative vision of symbols and their creation for more than 10 years. Dubbed the ‘key keeper’, people turn to him for unique sacred keys and symbols.

Neiz has collaborated extensively with major brands including:

  • MERCEDES BENZ - Fashion Week
  • MAYAN WARRIOR - Art and Music Community, Mexico City and Northern California (Music festival)
  • ART WATCH - Mechanical art watch company from New York
  • AMPERSOUND - Music audio system

As a tattoo artist, Neiz has taken part in collaborations with INKBOX, Miami Tattoos, and more. He is currently sponsored by Balm Tattoo (worldwide).

“I see how the space in which we live speaks to me, and what I do comes from the future.”
- Neiz


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